Sunday 2 June 2013

Win Every Week With PayPal

A super new promotion has just started at PayPal - every time you make a payment, you will be entered into a draw. And what a draw! Every week there are 100 prizes. This week, up to June 7th, the prizes are iPad minis, and coming up shortly there are £250 Top Shop gift cards. New prizes will be announced each week - and what's more, all entries will go into a final draw to win one of EVERY prize featured throughout the promotion - a prize worth around £5,000!

Each weekly draw closes at midnight on Friday, with the final weekly draw closing on July 12th, although entries between then and midnight on the 19th will also go into the draw for the Grand Prize. You will only be entered into each week's draw once, however many transactions you make, so if you are planning some shopping, spread it  out over several weeks!

I know there are HUGE numbers of transactions made with PayPal every week, but remember you have to be in it to win it, and I have known people who have won in earlier similar promotions they have run even though there were far fewer prizes.

Stuck for something to buy using PayPal? How about a subscription to The Competition Grape Vine? If you like this blog you will love Grape Vine - 24 pages  every month packed with comps to enter, with advice on what products you need to buy, if any, tips about tricky rules, answers to competition questions and even a link-finding service to help you enter those links that vanish from websites long before the closing date. There's usually a mid month update, too, sent by email, with even more competitions to enter, many of which are those short-lived ones that give you an extra-good chance to win.

You'll find full details about subscribing on the How To Subscribe page - and if you already subscribe, I'm prepared to accept extensions to your subscription to enable you to enter the competition.

And now, since I can't really subscribe to my own magazine, I'm off to treat myself to some craft goodies!


  1. You do realise this is virtually permission to buy crafty stash!
    Lynn x

    1. I understand it to mean buying crafty stash is compulsory!



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