Sunday 21 October 2012

Win £20 of Wilkinsons Vouchers with Chocolate Log Blog

Chocolate Log Blog have £20 worth of Wilkinsons vouchers to be won in their latest competition. To enter, pop over there and fill in the simple Rafflecopter form  - if you are new to entering  with Rafflecopter, there is some advice about it here

You can spend your prize on bakeware, maybe to make some of the delicious muffins in the post, or on anything else in the store. My local Wilkinsons has recently started stocking craft supplies, so you can imagine what I'd spend the vouchers on if I won.

Although, do I really *need* any more craft stuff? Over on my other blog, Onions and Paper, I have publicly admitted that I have Too Much Stuff. So maybe I ought to stop daydreaming about getting hold of more!

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I would spend my £20 on Christmas decorations :) Good luck to you and everyone else.
    Kez x


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