Monday 4 February 2013

Relieve the comping boredom and win a mini Ipad

Only this morning I mentioned that entering boring, repetitive competitions could make you lose all enthusiasm for comping. So the timing of this competition is perfect - there's nothing dull or repetitive about it at all, and there's a mini iPad for the winner!

Scribbler are crowd-sourcing an e-book of answers to the eternal question "what is love", gathering responses via our website, and via Twitter, using the hashtag #loveis

Some of the initial answers they've had are pretty funny, other are quite sweet - it's entirely dependent on how people define their feelings! 

They'll be compiling all of the best (and worst) 'Love is' answers into an e-book, and giving out an iPad mini to the person with the best/most amusing answer.

You can read more about the competition on the Scribbler blog, where you can also submit your entry, or you can follow the instructions there to submit it via Twitter.

The competition closes on February 15th and you can enter once per person.

Now I'm off to think up my own entry. My husband has just spent half an hour photographing some of my hand made cards for me to put on my other blog...... do you think that might be the inspiration I need?


  1. No. Love is: serving up a meal of lovely wholesome food for me day after day, when I get in from work! Oh, and winning nice prizes like holidays for TWO people...

  2. There speaks an official Prize Winner's Consort....... My husband!

  3. Love is my husband not ranting and raving too much when I backed his car out of the garage and into a skip I'd 'forgotten' was on the driveway. I was jetlagged after a prizewinning trip to New York and the repairs to the motor cost far more than the trip was worth!

  4. Love is being able to get your partner with a "dutch oven" and both of you creasing up laughing


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