Tuesday 28 September 2010

What's your winning wishlist?

A standing joke in our family is that if somebody asks me to win something I do - it has happened many times over the years, with prizes as diverse as a bundle of Homebase vouchers, tickets to Reading Festival and a holiday to New Zealand.

So I wonder if asking MYSELF to win things would have the same effect? I have made a  "wishlist" of the things I would especially like to win. Here's mine - what's on yours?

  • A car. I've been a comper for over 25 years, and a very successful one too - and yet I've never won a car. I know people who have won several cars, so why has this eluded me?
  • A relaxing, all inclusive Caribbean holiday for 2011
  • A city break to Seville
  • A trip to Morocco, ideally a cookery holiday in Marrakech (I'm thinking the comping fairy might like requests to be very specific!)
  • A laptop. I've been on the point of buying one for several years but I can never quite believe that I'm not about to win one.
  • An iPad. The latest must-have gadget: I have absolutely no need for one at all but the geek in me feels that life is incomplete without one.
  • A spa break, or even a single spa day at somewhere not too far away like Nirvana Spa or Forest Mere.
  • £50 worth of Hobbycraft vouchers to help  me top up my craft stash
  • a diamond and yellow gold tennis bracelet (well,  there's no harm in asking! And I'm addicted to bracelets)
and last but not least
  • an extra day in every week!
Finally to help us all with our winning wishes, here is a lucky black cat, with many thanks to Valerie Dallimore.

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  1. my wish list is a blue ray player lego in any form and a laptop lol @mrstracey1972


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