Saturday 4 September 2010

Grape Vine - September issue

The September issue of Grape Vine was posted yesterday, so most subscribers should have received their copies this morning. Make sure you read it carefully, as so many new comps appeared at the last minute that I had to cram them into nooks and crannies all over the place. And then, like an overstuffed suitcase, I had to sit on the lid to force it to close! The October issue is already shaping up well; new competitions are popping up all over the place.

If you are not a subscriber, you are missing out on an excellent comping resource, covering all styles of comping, from tiebreakers to instant wins and postal comps to texting, with extra services including a mid-month update and an entry form exchange. All this costs just £13.50 for 3 months, £25 for 6 months and £45 for a year. You could spend a lot more than that on buying promotional packs and getting home to find out that you could have entered for free - if only you'd had my advice on which competitions you need to buy a product for and which you don't. Every month I drive hundreds of miles and search dozens of stores, as well as searching out obscure answersand tricky terms andconditions, just to make comping as easy as possible for Grape Vine readers. My methods WORK, too - in the last 48 hours I have won a Flip camcorder and a £100 H&M gift card.

Why not give it a try? And if you have never seen a copy, you can request a sample of the current issue, absolutely FREE!!!! Just email your name and full postal address to me, or enter your details in the online contact form on the GrapeVine website. Mention in your message that you want a sample copy, otherwise I'll get confused! And remember that free samples are strictly limited to one per household.

Both subscribers and non-subscribers, please note that I will be away from 10-20 September, on the prize trip to Canada that I won from Blockbuster's Haagen Dazs competition last winter. It promises to be a very memorable trip, staying in Vancouver and Whistler, with several exciting looking excursions included. I'msure you'll be able to read about it here soon.

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