Saturday 19 July 2014

Win cash for summer projects

NOTE - this is an amended and updated version of the post that appeared a few days ago.

Cash Still Up For Grabs for Summer Activities

Swinton Insurance to award thousands of pounds to help people

 complete their projects


Every week during July, Swinton is offering cash donations to help people who need financial assistance to complete an important project for themselves, their neighbours or their wider community.  Each week of the month will have a specific focus – such as neighbour or community - and at the end of each week a winner will be selected in that week’s category.

 The second week of the campaign saw Swinton contribute to a gardening project and the rest of the month’s activities will run as follows:

  • W/c 14th July – for the third week of the campaign, Swinton is calling on entrants to think about a neighbour who could do with a helping hand and to let Swinton know. Have they always wanted to create a water feature in their garden but not

Known where to start?  Or maybe the summer would be the perfect time for them to build a tree house for the children or grandchildren? Whether indoor or outdoor if you know of a summer project that your neighbour could do with a helping hand on then now is the time to nominate.

  • W/c 21st July – in the final week of its Summer Project, Swinton want to hear about an initiative that will benefit the wider community.  This could be building new facilities in a youth club, creating a kids play area in an unused space, giving the community centre a makeover or coming together to create a community garden filled with fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers year round – anything that will help the people in the entrant’s local area.

The winning neighbour project will all be awarded a cheque for £1,000. The community project will receive £5,000, with the person who nominates the successful community project also being given £250. Each winner will be announced at the end of the corresponding week and every entrant will be entered into a prize draw for £100.

Week 1 Winner

Helen Pearce of Clynder has won £1000 to help complete her Summer Project – decorating the first home she has owned.

 Helen, who bought her house in May after 20 years in naval headquarters at the Clyde naval base in Faslane, is looking forward to decorating bedrooms for her two sons Harry (17) and Tom (20) and replacing the current butterflies and floral wallpapers with some cool block colours.

 Having lived in married quarters at the naval base for years, Helen is relishing the opportunity to show her creative flair and to decorate her home just as she wants it.

The recently qualified midwife will have to fit in the decorating project over work shifts in the summer months. “I had planned decorating the house as my summer project and entered the competition for a bit of fun,” says Helen. “When I found out I had won the cash to buy all the bits and pieces for decorating I was thrilled. I will soon have the butterflies and flowers off the walls and create some fantastic new finishes for my lovely new home.”

For the first week of the Summer Project from Swinton Insurance campaign entrants were invited to seek a helping hand from Swinton with jobs around the house that, for whatever reason, they haven’t been able to complete.

Steve Griffiths, head of marketing at Swinton Insurance, commented: “Following the success of our Great Britain’s Greatest Neighbour campaign last summer, Swinton wanted to return to neighbourhoods around the country and help do our bit for families and communities. We’re all aware of how sometimes a project needs to be completed but it can get put off again and again for a wide variety of reasons – Swinton’s Summer Project is our way of offering a helping hand in completing these jobs.”

Reflecting the importance of a helping hand around the house, recent research from Barclaycard has shown that surging house prices have led to a sharp recovery in sales of do-it-yourself goods. The report found that spending in DIY stores reached a two-year high in February 2014 up 11pc year-on-year. The DIY sector was the top-performing sector in an otherwise subdued month for consumer spending.

To submit an entry for Swinton Insurance’s Summer Project and for full terms and conditions, please visit You can keep up to date with competition news by following Swinton on!/SwintonInsurance?fref=ts or


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