Wednesday 12 March 2014

Win a keyboard, music lessons and more

Decplay are giving away a wonderful prize worth £500  - a keyboard, FastPlay+ course, song sheets and online coaching from their founder.

DecPlay is a new piano tuition method and form of music notation that reduces the time taken to learn to play the piano - DecPlay's mission is to engage 1 million people in playing the piano.
The method was devised by Declan Cosgrove who is a classically trained pianist. Declan believes the traditional way of teaching and the focus on prescribing each note and rhythm, restricts some people's natural creativity, delays the point at which the student feels a sense of achievement and contributes to the huge number of people who stop learning before they can play to a level that gives them and others enjoyment.  The method is ideally suited to popular music (as well as classical) and uses numbers and patterns to produce amazing results incredibly quickly.
All readers of Competition Grapevine need to do to enter the competition is to go to the DecPlay Piano Facebook page - Click on their Facebook 'Competition' tab ( to get your free song sheet and chance to win the £500 ($830) piano learning prize: keyboard, FastPlay+ course, Song sheet pack and 3 hours of online coaching by the founder of DecPlay!  The closing date for the competition is Monday 31st March 2014.
More information about the method can be found at 
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  1. What a brilliant comp - thanks for sharing - i've always wanted to be able to play the piano


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