Wednesday 26 February 2014

QUICK - win dinner at the Grub pop up!

Next week, a pop up restaurant called Grub will be putting in a brief appearance in London, just for a few days, and serving a seven course meal based on edible insects. Dinner will cost you £36.50 a head - unless you WIN a pair of tickets from Chez Maximka. Just pop over to the competition page and answer a simple question - but HURRY as the competition closes on March 2nd.

It set me thinking - have you ever eaten insects (apart from swallowing a fly, that is)? I haven't - but I do have recipes for them! Here is a recipe for Sago Grub Satay - much as I love satay, I've not been tempted by this recipe (and anyway, my local Waitrose never seems to have sago grubs in stock!)

The recipe comes from the book Kaikai Aniani which is a famous work about food in Papua New Guinea - my husband bought it for  me when he had to work there for a few weeks. Other recipes in it include Flying Fox and Prunes in Cream Sauce, Baked Snake and Roast Bandicoot. It even tells you how to cook people - so be careful if you are thinking of getting on the wrong side of me - I have just the recipe to sort you out!!!  (Incidentally the only recipe I've tried from it is a rather delicious Avocado Ice Cream)


  1. I am not brave enough to try any grubs or other exotic things. What a marvellous collection of cook books you have, Jane!

  2. I'm definitely Veggie but I know someone with a good supply of worms in her compost bin!
    I don't want to win, Jane.
    Sylvia Robbins who has never knowingly eaten insects.


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