Wednesday 29 January 2014

Schedule a tweet to win a break in London

Have you ever scheduled a Tweet? That means writing a tweet on Twitter, but instead of it going out straight away, you use an app to save it and send it out at a scheduled time. You can find a round up of some of the easiest-to-use scheduling apps, and a guide to shy they can  be useful for compers, here.

And now scheduling just one tweet could win you a night at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and tickets to see From Here To Eternity The Musical. Read all about the prize, and the tweet that you need to schedule, on Kristyna Myles' website.

Make sure you set your tweet to go out between 10 am and 10.05 am on Monday February 10th. Then you can go out to work, walk the dog or do whatever else fills your Monday mornings, safe in the knowledge that even though you're not around, you are still entering a great competition!

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