Tuesday 24 September 2013

Win an iPad with 1st Choice Spares

The latest competition from 1st Choice Spares is one for the crossword fans among you - and the prize is an iPad. You can read about the competition, with all the clues and rules, here - and then when you are ready to complete your entry, follow the link from there to their Facebook page to submit your entry. You have until December 31st to enter.

Now just in case  you don't know a lot about cars and engines, they have very generously given me the clues to share with you - each with a link embedded in it to the page where you will find the answer! Use these clues in conjunction with the grid on the entry page. I've not tried them yet - I thought it was only fair that you should all see them too, so that I didn't get an unfair advantage!

1              Manual or automatic part of the transmission system [7]
2              Explosive safety device [6]
4              A type of headgear perched above the engine? [6]
5              Car reversed provides breakdown cover [3]
3              Internal Combustion.... [6]
6              I am a wind and a car but not a game [4]
7              Dormant British marque also found in Texas [6]
8              Answer to 3 across Control Unit [3]
9              Italian Automobile Factory of Turin translates into money declared as legal tender  [4]
The winner of the last competition was Will Blyth: http://www.1stchoice.co.uk/articles/view/how-many-car-parts-competition

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