Sunday 2 September 2012

M&S Man-Over

Yesterday I told you all about the M&S Man-Over challenge. This is my entry for the challenge.

In a few days' time, it will be our 35th wedding anniversary. I'm hoping to be taken out for a lovely meal somewhere - but will my husband wear a suit for the occasion? Will he heck! He has to wear a suit all the time for his day job as a lecturer in IT  Service Management, so he claims he doesn't feel "dressed up" when he wears a suit. But I know that he'd really be happiest to wear his gardening clothes all the time. Many of you will already know what a keen gardener he is, from reading his blog over at Marks Veg Plot so this is what he looks like almost all of his non-working hours.

I'd love to see him in a suit with a slightly more relaxed style than his usual dark business suits. I've had a look at the Marks & Spencers range and I think this suit from the Performance collection would be perfect.  The neutral colour looks less severe than the dark suits he wears for work,  while the slight give from the natural stretch in the fabric would help him to feel relaxed rather than constrained.
But please, Mark, if you get a suit like this, don't wear it for doing the gardening in! 

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