Sunday 5 August 2012

Win a whole tower of chocolates!

Chocolate Log Blog, who many of you may know on Twitter as @choclette8, is giving away a beautiful tower of golden boxes of chocolates, cake and confectionery. All you need to do is pop over to the blog and use the simple Rafflecopter form to submit your entries - you will get up to 7 entries for performing different tasks and can go back every day to send a tweet for even more entries. The competition closes on August 20th, but of course the sooner you enter, the more of those daily tweets you can send.

If the Rafflecopter widget us unfamiliar to you, you can read how it works and get some tips to help you make sure your entries are valid here


  1. That is a yummy prize, thanks for letting us know about it Jane.

  2. I need to investigate this rafflecopter thing. I've often gone to look at comps then backed off because of it


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