Friday 2 December 2011

What on Earth were you looking for?

I can't resist looking at the search terms that people have used to find this  blog, and recently have chatted to a few other bloggers  who do the same. Sometimes I wonder what they were REALLY looking for - and whether they found it here or went away disappointed. If you are a blogger, do you do the same? I'd love to hear about the terms that were used to find your blogs!

Obviously the most frequently used terms are to do with competitions. And judging by the number of people who come here by searching for "Competitors Journal" there are a lot of us older compers who still have very fond memories of the magazine.

People looking for help with Twitter also regularly find their way here, with searches such as
  • how to get out of Twitter jail
  • blocking on Twitter, how it works
  • what does "dm your address mean", and
  • what does #followfriday mean
Captcha code queries also bring quite a few visitors, as do gardening queries about growing grape vines (I'm very sorry to disappoint you if that's why you are here but here's a bunch of grapes for you to look at).

But some of the more unusual searches that have brought people here are
  • rising taste
  • 1950s image source
  • Ireland souvenir shops
  • grape design on a plate
  • comebacks for "don't do as I do, do as I say"
and one that really puzzles me, especially as it seems to have been used several times
  • sex hotel roof vancouver
I promise you, you can search every single post on this blog and while I HAVE written about a trip to Vancouver, I didn't make any mention of sex on the hotel roof!  But,  for those who might get excited by the thought, here is a  photo of a hotel in Vancouver. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.


  1. Haa, yes I search too... I wish I'd thought to save some of the funniest ones...

    I just had a look today, as you saw on twitter...

    The person searching for "hot bangla possy" must have been disappointed to find my lemon posset recipe made with bangladeshi lemon juice!

  2. The recipe sounds delicious - maybe i should try the same search!


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