Friday 23 September 2011

Great Twitter hashtags to look out for on Fridays

As most compers who use Twitter know, Fridays are usually a comping frenzy, with dozens of sites running Friday-only competitions. Many of us know about looking out for the hashtag #FreebieFriday but there are lots  of other tags that are used regularly by sites that run Friday competitions.

Here are some to look out for - if you use the Twitter web page, you can use the "search" box to find all the tweets that include them, but many other Twitter clients such as Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite will let you have a column open for each one, so you can scroll across your screen and keep up to date with everything as  it appears.

Some of these are used every week,some only occasionally, but it's worth having at least a quick look at them every week. Don't forget that many of the Friday comps only run during the day on Friday, with many of them closing in time for the promoters to draw and notify the winners before they finish work for the day, so you need to be quick off the mark.


... and at the end of the day, you'll sigh "#TGIfriday" !

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