Sunday 29 May 2011

What's in your fridge (when you're a comper)?

Thank you to the lovely MibsXX  for the "What's in your fridge?" tag.  I'm going to try to look at the contents of my fridge from a comping point of view.

On the top shelf you can see  Flora (bought for the Kinect instant win) and Clover (bought for the lovely "win a Smeg fridge" comp). There is also a "naked" lemon, that has had the rind removed. There's usually a naked citrus fruit of some kind in my fridge as I tend to use the rind and juice in different dishes. I'll probably use the rest of the lemon tonight.

Moving down, there is a selection of soft fruit - I've not found any competitions on packs of British fruit yet but at this time of year, stickers often appear on packs in Waitrose and the Co-op, so keep a look out for them. If you can bear to buy imported fruit when English strawberries are in season, look out in Morrisons and Tesco which  both have competitions on packs of South African fruit.

Lurking behind all the lovely fruit and veg on the next shelf down (that long green bag contains asparagus that was only picked from the garden a  few minutes ago) you will see a fine selection of dressings and sauces. These were part of a lovely hamper prize from Country Living magazine. The rest of the hamper consisted of ducks, game and guinea fowl, now alas just a delicious  memory.

And on the bottom shelf, hiding behind a half used bottle of wine (however did that happen? Leftover wine in this house?) is a bottle of Big Tom tomato juice, bought for their True Blood competition. There's also a jug of home made chicken stock - nothing to do with comping but it's going to make tonight's pommes boulangeres taste extra special.

As well as life's essentials (garlic, ginger and tomato purée) the door shelves are almost always crammed with sauces, mustards  and salad  dressings. Most of the ones you can see here were bought for competitions that closed ages ago- I really must check the use-by dates on them!

I'd like to tag
Mellow Mummy  - because every mother likes to nosey around her daughter's fridge
Mummy Barrow  - because she's only been blogging for a month and she needs to be dragged screaming and kicking into the world of tagging
Confessions of a Compaholic - because now I've been told I need to lose a lot of weight I'd like to follow her amazing example so I NEED to know what's in her fridge
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  1. I've got the remains of cheese that I disastrously tried to carve into a fashion accessory! Yuk : )

  2. I usually have wine with comp neck tags, sauces and pickles that sport a comp, but at the moment mine are the Clover too.
    Not much in for reviews usually heaving, mine are the sauces and dressing reviews at moment. Must rectify that
    Will take up the challenge soon.

  3. Just thought how random my cheese fashion accessory sounds. It WAS for a comp!

  4. What a fab idea! I've been away from home for a few days so I dread to think what's lurking in my salad drawer. I shall endeavour to book in a supermarket trip with Smid (Compers News) as I always return home with lots of obscure on-pack promotions for the fridge!

  5. I know about the cheese accessory comp - maybe you ought to mention it on the "Strange goings on" post!

    Just in case blogger won't let me comment on my own blog, it's me, Jane!

  6. Won a primula hamper on Wednesday- We have more cheese than the shelves at tesco right now! Everytime I open the fridge it leers temptingly at me...


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