Wednesday 27 April 2011

Comping guides - a round-up

Those of you who enjoy comping on Twitter will find a link at the top of the blog to a page where all my posts about Twitter are indexed. But what about everything else? Over the last year, I've blogged about all aspects of comping. Some posts were about competitions that have long since closed, but others are as relevant now as when they first appeared, so here are some you may have missed or forgotten about.
Note that any competitions mentioned in these posts will have closed but the advice still applies to current ones.

Cooking up a Winner  How to write winning recipes

Tackling tiebreakers There ARE still some tiebreaker competitions around,especially on Facebook - why not give them a try?

Spice up your Text Life  Now a text message is so much cheaper than a stamp, it's time to press your mobile into action!

What to do when a prize doesn't turn up

Bringing the Comping Fairy back  some tips for when you're on a losing streak. I've never  made a card with a fairy on it, so please pretend these dragonflies are fairies.

A Bloggy Marvellous Way to Win   finding and entering competitions on blogs

and finally some tips  about Facebook   - Tag, You're it!  and How Can I Tell if I've Won a Competition on Facebook

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