Monday 10 January 2011

Don't do as I do, do as I say....

I wonder how you all imagine MY comping?  After reading all the tips I give,  do you think  I am a model of efficiency, with all my comping organised, everything  entered methodically and in plenty time? Well  you are wrong! When it comes to my own comping, I am very bad indeed  at following my own advice.

Take today for instance. Among my post was what many compers call a "boomerang" postcard - one that had come back to the sender.  I was very angry - after all, I had followed all the advice  I would normally give to another  comper - turn the postcard through 90 degrees before writing your details,  then  make sure you put something below your  address so  the sorting machine doesn't read your postcode as the last thing on the card - so it seemed very unfair that my card had come back to me.

Then I turned the card over to see which competition my entry had been for. And I saw this:

Yes, I'd posted my entry with no address - and no stamp. I'm just lucky that I didn't get surcharged for an unstamped item of mail!

So remember,when you read advice  I give here: Don't do  as I do, do as I say!

Post (card!) Script

This is what I  mean by turning the card through 90 degrees. The back of your  card will look something like this.


  1. Ha! When you say "turn the postcard through 90 degrees before writing your details, then make sure you put something below your address", what do you mean?

  2. I'll edit an example into the original post, since I don't think I can put a photo in a comment

  3. Do you think there is less chance of a postcard being returned if compers use a picture postcard -where both addresses are on the same side of the postcard?

  4. If I'm using a picture postcard, I still write my name and address at right angles to the address it is going to. I think it probably is a bit less likely to be returned than a plain one although I have occasionally had them back.


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