Sunday 24 October 2010

A week's worth of wins

This time last week I was busy trying to cram my wins from the Derby "Raising for Rainbows" comping day into the back of my car. As well as a massive hamper of baby and toddler goodies, a hand painted  silk tie and a Build a Bear workshop voucher, I had a gift bag crammed with cards and  gift wrap, a bottle of wine and my goody bag and Christmas pudding from the day. And on top of that, a quick bit of bartering had secured for me the gorgeous pink Trunki that a friend had won.

For me, the rest of the week has been a constant flow of small wins - some new wins, some deliveries of ones I already knew about. Altogether the week yielded:

  • two t-shirts
  • a pack of facial wipes
  • a £10 Tesco gift card
  • £10 of Love to Shop vouchers
  • a notebook (the good old fashioned pencil and paper kind, not the computer kind)
  • a bottle of milk
  • a bag of sweets
  • a copy of Whitaker's Alananck
  • a beer glass
  • a miniature torch
  • a cuddly panda
  • a bottle of beer
  • a paperback book
  • a £50 Pumpkin Patch voucher
  • a face cream
  • a travel game
  • a shaver
  • a bottle of nail varnish
  • a lip gloss
  • a pack of chocolate orange segments
OK, there's nothing life changing there but when little things arrive so fast they soon mount up. And maybe next week there'll be a biggie......

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