Thursday 1 May 2008

For those who love statistics!

The April competition on the Grape Vine website has now closed, and if you ever wonder how many entries web comps get and how they are drawn, you might like to see a few facts and figures.

There were around 500 entries, but despite the rules saying "one entry per person", quite a lot of people entered two, three or even TEN times. As a comper myself, I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and assumed they had forgotten that they had already entered, so kept only the first entry from each person and then deleted their other entries. But it pays to keep a note of what you have entered, because a lot of websites would delete ALL the entries from anyone entering more than once.

Next I removed over 40 wrong answers. The question was "How much does it cost subscribers to receive the mid month update by email?" and even some current subscribers didn't know that it is absolutely FREE! I was surprised by the number of wrong answers, as I had included a link to the page with the correct answer on it.

All this pruning left me with 388 correct and valid entries. I numbered them all, then used a random number generator to give me a winning number, and the person whose entry matched the chosen number became the winner. A note for all of you who leave entering web comps until the last minute - the winner had entered on the second day the comp was on line!

This month's competition is now up and running on the website at so do give it a whirl - but remember two vital things with any comp, whatever the entry method

Stick to the rules


Get the answer right

Good luck with all your May comping


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