Thursday 21 July 2011

It's almost Friday again.....

And, as I've mentioned before. Friday is a FANTASTIC day to be a comper! My husband has a day off tomorrow and thinks we  are going shopping..... I'm going to have to put him right about that. But even if I'm not around, do feel free to watch, or follow, my current Friday list on Twitter - the people on my list run competitions most Fridays, and if you watch my list rather then watching me, you don't need to rely on me  being around to tweet competitions.

But now things have started to hot up on Facebook on Fridays too. Soon compers are going to have to declare a four day week,so we can devote our Fridays entirely to comping! This Friday, July 22nd,  a one off competition is going to be run by Voucher Hub - but you  will have to be quick off the mark, as the winners will be the first 10 correct entries, who will each win £15 worth of iTunes vouchers.

The competition will take the form of a "pin the tail on the pig" game, with entrants needing to choose a grid reference from a picture. Voucher Hub will be giving clues once the game is under way.

Good luck - and I hope by tomorrow  evening that some of you will be "squealing" with delight!

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