Wednesday 5 December 2012

The Twitter Unfollow Bug Strikes Again!

Have you ever  suddenly found that you weren't following somebody on Twitter who you just KNEW you were following? Or maybe discovered, to your dismay, that one of your friends appeared to have unfollowed you?

Perhaps you have noticed a sudden drop in the number of people you follow, or your own follower count?

Well, you are not alone  - it appears that the Twitter unfollow bug has reappeared. Raising its head from time to time, this bug means that Twitter occasionally unfollows people from your account at random, without you being aware of it. And just to make it more complicated, sometimes you just appear  to have unfollowed them when you are really still following!

How can you tell whether you have unfollowed somebody? Well, if you notice they are missing from your timeline at times when they are usually around, that's a possible clue. Or if the person is involved in a competition that uses Rafflecopter, when you get to the "follow on Twitter" task the follow button will have the Twitter bird in blue rather than grey. But the only way to be certain is to go to their own  Twitter profile page and see whether the button on the top right says "Follow" or "Following". If it says "Follow" then the Twitter bug has struck and you will need  to follow them again.

On the same page, if they are following you it will say "Follows you" next to their user name, so you will be able to see if they have unfollowed you. But often the first news we have that somebody has unfollowed us is when we try to send them a direct message, as it isn't possible to send one to somebody who doesn't follow you.

So if you find that a friend has unfollowed you, or that you have unfollowed them, or you notice a sudden drop in the number of your followers. don't be alarmed or hurt - it's just the Twitter unfollow bug striking again!

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