Friday 24 August 2012

A super Wien

Yes, Wien, not Win - last week you may have noticed a few days without any posts, because we were away on a short break in Vienna. Or, to give it its Austrian name, Wien.

A few months ago I won my first ever Pinterest prize, a pair of  Business Class flights to a choice of European cities. The timing was perfect - we'd just been talking about going to Vienna for a few days to catch the 150 Years of Klimt exhibition and see some of the sights we couldn't cram into our last visit a few years ago.

So Vienna it was. And what a WONderful time we had, enjoying the sights, visiting attractions, and of course sampling the wine.

Guess which is the Valkyrie?

Now, I'm not going to go into detail about the trip here - you can see some of my husband's wonderful photos on his blog and on my other blog  but I do want to tell you something that may  be of interest to you as a comper. If you are visiting Vienna, you may want to get around using the super-efficient public transport system. 3 days' unlimited use of all the trams, buses, underground and trains costs just €19.90 and on top of that the card comes with a handbook offering you valuable discounts on all kinds of restaurants and attractions.

But best of all, the centre pages of the handbook contain a competition! There are three questions to answer, all of which can be answered by reading through the handbook, and the prize is a break in Vienna worth €3,000. The competition closes on April 15th 2013.

So you see, even when I'm on holiday I'm still on the lookout for competitions to share with you!

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